Map is not Territory

Grad school at the University of Chicago found me wading through Jonathan Z. Smith’s essays on religion titled, Map is Not Territory. I can only remember a handful of its articles, but the title of the book stuck with me.

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  1. Really interested in your ministry and work with Muslims globally. We have more than 500 000 Muslims in South Africa and they hold strategic leadership & management positions in every facet of our nation , they are extremely influential . Muslims in South Africa came from 1. Malaysia /Indonesia – malays 2. From India . 3. Converts 4. Now from all over Africa 5. From Eastern Europe. Grace upon grace in your ministry. Ronald & Rowena Joseph , Johannesburg, South Africa.

    • David Garrison

      Thank you, Ronald and Rowena. Yes, South Africa is a very important place for bringing the gospel to the thousands of Muslims that God has brought to that beautiful country. May God bless you and your ministry and give you multiplying movements of Muslims to Christ!

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