Nine Rooms in the House of Islam

Muslims call their world “The House of Islam” or Dar al-Islam in Arabic. Everyone who is a Muslim, some 1.6 billion persons today, is within the House of Islam. Outside the House of Islam is what Muslims call Dar al-Harb or “The House of War.” Though Muslims everywhere share many

Arab World

The man in whose living room I sat was obviously well to do. I learned that he was, in fact, a millionaire businessman who had formerly been the mayor of his hometown. I told him what I was doing, seeking to understand what God was doing in the Muslim world.

East Africa

It was the day after Christmas, and I was having breakfast with nine sheikhs, imams and Islamic leaders, who had all been baptized and given themselves to a new life following Jesus Christ. One of them was identified as a particularly humble and effective evangelist who had led several of

Eastern South Asia

Amid is the leader of a rapidly growing network of movements in Eastern South Asia. I had the privilege of interviewing him and several of his colleagues on a sweltering June day. “How many followers of Christ from a Muslim background do you know about?” I asked. “How many have


It all began here: the first Muslim movement to Christ in more than 13 centuries of Christian Muslim interaction. Today there are thousands of Muslims in this room in the House of Islam who have come to faith in Jesus Christ, and the number is growing. Whoever said, “It’s more